Life Insurance

Affordable Life Insurance Plans

As your life changes, your insurance needs also change. Life insurance is a way of securing your family and loved ones’ financial future. The type of insurance plan you purchase and the amount of insurance coverage you choose should be based on your needs and circumstances.

While your employer may provide you basic life insurance, the coverage may fail to meet your needs. In addition, it is no longer applicable when you leave your employment. On the other hand, your age, gender, health, lifestyle and medical history determine the cost of an individually purchased life insurance.


We offer a wide range of life insurance plans to meet your unique coverage needs. Our life insurance plans have the following benefits:

  • Affordable coverage with small monthly payments
  • No medical tests or lab work; just your medical history & other information
  • Easy to apply via email or submit your application online
  • Most applicants are accepted for coverage
  • Help your loved ones take care of your medical and funeral costs, unpaid bills, mortgage and rent payments etc.

We offer solutions that provide tax-free benefits* to your beneficiaries which can help:

  • Replace your earnings to maintain a comfortable lifestyle for your family
  • Secure the future of your dependent(s) by covering education and other needs
  • Pay for your debts and home expenses
  • Cover final costs and funeral expenses

Find Affordable Life Insurance Plans

Insurance Advisors of Florida can provide you an affordable life insurance plan suitable for your individual needs and budget. Contact us today to ensure financial security for your loved ones.

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